DieselPatrol15™ Refuelling Trailer

TTis DieselPatrol15™ Refueling Trailers provide safe and hassle-free refueling for your plant and equipment. Our diesel refueling trailers feature a robust galvanized chassis, moulded poly diesel tanks, high flow pumps, and hose reels, ultimately delivering effortless refueling of equipment.

FREE! Upgrade to 1,200 Litres from 1,000 Litres
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800 Litres (Braked)


800 Litres (Unbraked)


1,000 Litres (Braked)


1,000 Litres (Unbraked)


1,200 Litres (Braked)


1,200 Litres (Unbraked)


1,500 Litres (Braked)


1,500 Litres (Unbraked)


2,000 Litres (Braked)


2,000 Litres (Unbraked)


2,400 Litres (Braked)


2,400 Litres (Unbraked)


3,000 Litres (Braked)


3,000 Litres (Unbraked)

Product Details

DieselPatrol15™ Refuelling Trailer

800 Litres (Braked)
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  • Exceptionally smooth towing with excellent weight distribution
  • Manufactured from specifically formulated diesel grade polyethylene that meets International Regulation ECE R34.01 requirements, and complies with AS1940-2004 and AS2809.2-2008
  • 15 Year Tank Warranty
  • Safety Ball Baffle system fitted
  • Built to high level ADR requirements, with heavy duty steel chassis featuring hot-dip galvanising for maximum protection for tough, long term durable performance
  • Large 15″ wheels with the famous Landcruiser hub pattern for strength, maximum ground clearance and excellent manoeuvrability
  • Heavy duty chequer plate mudguards
  • Greatly improved puncture resistance with our 6 ply radial tyres, which also helps heavy load capability
  • 50mm tow hitch
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel
  • Engineered for safety
  • LED tail lights recessed in rear light board
  • Large 50mm solid axles with high ground clearance
  • Road Registerable Trailer with Hydraulic Brakes
  • 3600(L) x 1900 (W) x 1450(H)



Weight: 380kg
Length: 3600cm
Width: 1900cm
Height: 1450cm


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Hot-Dip Galvanised Steel Chassis

For maximum protection and tough, long term durable performance

Fitted with Liquid Locker Baffle System

To reduce surge and increase stability

Range of Pump Options
12v, 24v and Petrol driven
10m Spring Rewind Reel

Complete with an auto shut-off nozzle

Large 455mm Lid Opening

Complete with breather & filler cap for easy access for cleaning if required

Large wheels with the Landcruiser hub pattern

For strength, maximum ground clearance, and excellence maneuverability

Australian Made & Owned

With 15 Year Tank Full Warranty

Unique Tank Positioning

For smooth towing on both the highway and rough terrain

Product Testimonials

Dean, Ho's Hire - DieselPatrol™

“This [unit] has now pumped out 16,000L without an issue – good quality retractable hose, right down to good quality nozzles which pump out 85L/min …. Hasn’t had one hiccup – been extremely reliable. I fully recommend TTi, they produce a good quality product! “