Portable Diesel Tanks

Whether you are looking for a fuel pod to refuel tractors, excavators, graders, dozers, utes, or any other machinery, TTi’s range of portable fuel tanks with pumps ensure your equipment is refuelled safely and quickly.

TTI’s portable fuel tanks for sale are available in sizes from 100L through to 1200L, can be fitted with either 40, 45 or 60lpm pumps, and are also available as slimline diesel fuel tanks.

TTI’s portable fuel tanks are fully manufactured by TTi in Australia, using diesel grade virgin material, and assembled by hands that care about the finish. These are a seriously tough unit. Part of the dangerous goods certification involves the tank being drop tested – filled with antifreeze liquid, placed in a super freezer for hours, then dropped onto the corner from a height of 3m. TTi’s portable diesel fuel tanks passed with no problems.

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Browse through our range of high quality, Australian Made portable diesel tanks. Featuring high flow pumps and a heavy duty poly tank, our portable diesel tanks will outlast any other diesel tank on the market.

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Why Choose TTi’s Diesel Tanks?

The fuel pods are moulded with a unique aluminium ring for incredible strength. The pump is bolted to the large removable lid opening, allowing for easy clean-up or inspection. Protect your fuel with the 3 stage locking system – the lid, the filler cap and the nozzle can all be padlocked.

Some fuel pod styles have incorporated ergonomic lifting handles, for easily loading and unloading when empty. Upgrade options include the digital flow meter, which allows you to accurately measure how much fuel you have dispensed, and forkable steel frames. 

Provision for tie down straps make securing your tank into your ute safe and easy. The unique tank breather system prevents the tank from sucking in when the pump is operating, 4m Battery Cables Easily reach your vehicle battery or other power source.

Backed with our 15 year tank warranty for peace of mind, TTI’s portable diesel tanks are known for their durability and reliability. Simply pull up beside your machinery and refuel with ease. TTi’s portable diesel fuel tanks are for sale Australia-wide. Contact us today to find out more.

“Has all the good quality nozzles with a good length hose, good quality pump which has never let us down – pumping out 85L/min ….. very durable and reliable units.”

Dean, Ho’s Hire – DieselCaptain™

“We run a few of these diesel pods… we come across this TTi brand and that’s all we buy now. Compared to the competitors, these are a lot better unit – high flow rates and we don’t have any issues with these tanks at all”

Ricky, Connor Earthmoving – DieselCaptain™

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