Spray Weeds

Effective weed management requires patience and precision. With precise, adjustable nozzles compatible with a range of tank sizes, you’re well-equipped to tackle weed management. Easily attach the equipment to your tractor or vehicle via a trailer for large-scale spraying or strap on our backpack version for smaller jobs in your garden. TTi’s weed spraying equipment prioritises safety, portability and durability – a trusted tool in the fight against the spread of weeds.

Why Precision is Crucial to Weed Management

Spray precision is key in weed management – you should always aim as clearly as possible at your weeds, to avoid damaging the surrounding flora and keep the environmental impact to a minimum. 

TTi’s weed control spray tanks offer you the ability to be precise when spraying. You can adjust nozzles on your spray tank to ensure a targeted spray, delivering the right amount of herbicide exactly where needed.

Products to suit Weed Spraying

TTi has a diverse range of spray systems, each tailored to specific weed control needs. Whether you require precision targeting or extensive coverage, TTi has a solution. All our weed control spray tanks are designed to prioritise safety, ensuring peace of mind during use.

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Our weed control spray tanks easily integrate into vehicles, enhancing their versatility across different conditions. You can attach TTi’s spraying equipment to ATVs, UTVs, utility vehicles, and tractors, allowing you to carry out faster and more effective spraying operations.

Understanding the importance of a perfect fit, TTi offers personalised vehicle matching services to ensure that each sprayer aligns precisely with your needs and your vehicle. This tailored approach guarantees optimal performance and maximises the effectiveness of your weed control or spraying tasks.

The TTi Advantage

20 Years of Experience

TTi has over 20 years of industry experience

Back Up Service

TTi stock a full range of spare parts

Backed by Local Dealers

TTi has over 200 LADS (Local Active Dealers) Nationwide

Effective and Reliable Weed Control Spray Tanks You Can Count On

Explore TTi’s extensive range of weed control spray tanks for effective weed management solutions. Whether you’re tackling large areas or need a precise application, our collection has the perfect sprayer for every need. 

Unsure which one fits your requirements? Contact TTi at 1800 816 277 for expert advice on selecting the ideal sprayer. Our top-quality, reliable spray tanks can help you enhance your weed management strategy. 

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