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Multi-Purpose Fire Fighting Trailers manufactured by TTi and distributed Australia Wide. When it comes to fire fighting there simply isn’t any room for gear that doesn’t meet the standard. The fire fighting trailer units we design and manufacture here at TTi are the product of years of experience and expertise – and we’ve worked to produce gear that you can rely on for a fast and effective response. Browse our fire fighting trailer options below.

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TTi is Australia’s Leading Fire Fighting Trailer Manufacturer. From 1000L to 3000L, TTi will have the fire fighting trailer to suit your needs! Call Today!

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TTi’s fire trailers range from 800 through to 3000 litres, and are available in single or dual axle, as well as braked or unbraked. We can tailor our fire fighting solutions to suit your specific needs, with a range of optional accessories and features.

Our fire trailers are multi-purpose and can be customised to suit a variety of applications in addition to fire fighting, such as dust suppression and tree watering. TTi fire trailers are extremely strong and heavy duty – with hot-dipped galvanised steel frames, A/T tyres with a Landcruiser stud pattern, and heavy duty suspension and undercarriage system. Combined with ultra-reliable Honda or Yanmar engines and Davey pumps, TTi’s fire fighting trailers are a unit you can rely on to get the job done.

Why choose a TTi Fire Fighting Trailer?

We have put extensive research and development into our fire trailers. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, we know there is no compromise for quality when dealing with fire. Each unit is built from the ground-up, right here in Australia with a full range of parts in stock and an Australia-wide network of dealers to support the end -user in the field. We stand by our tanks, providing a comprehensive 20- year warranty with each tank.

TTi is proud to manufacture the safest tanks in motion, and our fire fighting trailers are no exception. Each fire trailer comes standard with our LiquidLocker baffle system, eliminating liquid surge and reinforced draw bars. Whether you are towing them through a paddock, around a jobsite, into a mining site or up a fire trail, our fire fighting trailers are a pleasure to tow over even the roughest terrains.

TTi’s fire fighting trailers are for sale Australia-wide, through either freight or our local area dealers. For more information, please contact us on 1800 816 277.


“The key features for us on this trailer is the High Pressure Pump and the long reel …. It’s always going over rough terrain and this [FirePatrol] trailer has no problems coping with any of the elements we put it through – very robust”

Patrick, Subterra Civil – FirePatrol™ Trailer

“Whenever we’ve gone to use the TTi fire unit [PantherPatrol], it’s very reliable. If anyone is thinking of buying a TTi fire unit, I would highly recommend it.”

Steve Lindsay – PantherPatrol™

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