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TTi is Australia’s Leading Fire Fighting Trailer Manufacturer. From 1000L to 3000L, TTi will have the fire fighting trailer to suit your needs! Call Today!

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Why choose a TTi fire fighting trailer?

What are the features of TTi fire fighting trailer?

What is a mine-spec fire trailer or mine-spec water trailer, and how is it different to a fire fighting trailer?

Does TTi stock mine-spec water cartage and mine-spec fire trailers?

How much water can a fire fighting trailer carry?

How far can a multi-purpose fire fighting trailer spray water?

What types of fires can a multi-purpose fire fighting trailer effectively combat?

Can multi-purpose fire fighting trailers be easily transported and deployed in different locations?

What safety features are included in a multi-purpose firefighting trailer to protect firefighters during operations?

How do you refill the water tanks of multi-purpose firefighting trailers during extended firefighting operations?

Is it possible to customise multi-purpose firefighting trailers to accommodate different equipment and tools?

What kind of maintenance and servicing is required for a fire fighting trailer?

What firefighting scenarios can I use a fire fighting trailer in?

“The key features for us on this trailer is the High Pressure Pump and the long reel …. It’s always going over rough terrain and this [FirePatrol] trailer has no problems coping with any of the elements we put it through – very robust”

Patrick, Subterra Civil – FirePatrol™ Trailer

“Whenever we’ve gone to use the TTi fire unit [PantherPatrol], it’s very reliable. If anyone is thinking of buying a TTi fire unit, I would highly recommend it.”

Steve Lindsay – PantherPatrol™

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