Diesel Fuel Tank Trailers

TI have developed an industry leading fuel trailer solution to refuel any type of machinery with less hassle, more versatility of use, and deliver bigger time saving. TTI’s diesel fuel trailers are available in sizes from 600L through to 3000L, and can be either braked for on road use, or un braked for on farm use. TTi’s range of fuel trailers ensure that your machinery is refuelled safely and quickly, with the choice of either 12v, petrol or diesel powered pumps.

Protect your fuel with the padlock-able toolbox and filler cap, while the digital flow meter allows you to accurately measure how much fuel you have dispensed. The range of hose reels and auto shut off nozzle ensure you can reach your equipment with ease, while the clever plumbing, hidden wiring, recessed tail lights, folded checker plate mudguards, and safety infills all add to the strength and sleek design of the single, or dual axle chassis.

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Browse through our range of high quality, Australian Made diesel fuel trailers. Featuring high flow pumps and a heavy-duty poly tank, our diesel trailers are guaranteed to provide long-lasting performance.

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Why Choose Trans Tank International Fuel Trailers

Trans Tank International is Australia’s leading manufacturer of fuel trailers. Our diesel fuel trailers range from 800L single axle trailers to 3000L dual axle trailers. The refueling trailers can be optioned with pumps, reels, flow meters, filters, and more. Bring the fuel right to your equipment, and find the right diesel trailer for your needs! Our fuel tanker trailers are for sale Australia-wide, with a dealer never far away.

“This [unit] has now pumped out 16,000L without an issue – good quality retractable hose, right down to good quality nozzles which pump out 85L/min …. Hasn’t had one hiccup – been extremely reliable. I fully recommend TTi, they produce a good quality product! “

Dean, Ho’s Hire – DieselPatrol™

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