About Us

Manufacturer of the Worlds Most Reliable Liquid Transport Tank Solutions

We design, develop and manufacture liquid transport tank solutions here in Australia. Built for the tough Australian landscape and exported across the world, we offer water cartage, weed spraying, diesel tank and fire fighting solutions for farmers and civil contractors.

About Trans Tank International

TTi has been Australia’s Leading Manufacturer of rotationally moulded poly tanks for over 20 years. Our transportable poly tanks are designed to move liquid from A to B, and are recognised as ‘The Safest Tanks in Motion.’ We don’t dilute our focus by producing liquid storage tanks and other rotomolded products. 

At the heart of our diverse range of products which includes Spray Equipment, Fire Fighting Equipment, Diesel Transfer Units, Agricultural Equipment & Industrial Water Carts is our renown poly tanks.

With 200+ LADs dealers across Australia and Internationally, TTi is ‘never too far from where you are!’

TTi’s focus is on providing liquid transport products that are tried, tested, proven & ultimately, safe for use in Australian conditions.