LiquidLocker™ Baffling System

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An Effective Solution for Liquid Tank Sloshing and More

Our LiquidLocker Baffle ball system is a highly effective solution for liquid tank sloshing. These lightweight plastic ball baffles are designed to reduce the movement of fluids in water and fuel tanks, improving load stability and vehicle safety. You won’t have to be worried about vehicle rollover when breaking or turning anymore! TTi’s LiquidLocker baffle systems is far superior to traditional baffle balls and are easy to install. They make a huge difference and improve the longevity of your water tank. Our LiquidLocker baffle ball system is made from high-quality poly that is lightweight, ensuring they won’t add significant weight to your tank. They’re also highly durable and safe for use with TTi’s range of portable water cartage tanks and trailers and diesel tanks. 

The Ultimate, Real World Test

3 Highly experienced truck drivers, 1 unbaffled Water Truck and a race track. Watch how the absence of a baffle system creates an unpredictable and dangerous driving experience.

When LiquidLockers are added, see firsthand the improvements on handling, braking and body roll as recorded by Engineer – Jason Underwood.


How many baffle balls do I need in my tank?

How is a baffle ball system installed?

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