Fire Fighting Units

Are You Equipped This Dry Season?
Protect your property from any fire with TTi’s fire fighting equipment. We hold the largest selection of fire fighting kits, slip-on ute packs, trailer units, portable fire fighting units and fire fighting accessories. Our fire fighting units are made for rapid response. All tanks are made from durable UV stabilised polyethylene material to withstand Australian conditions.

With our portable fire fighting equipment, fast response to preventing fire is now possible. All portable fire fighting units are ergonomic and designed for user comfort!

Fire Fighting Units

Portable Fire Fighters

Portable Fire Fighting Units by TTi
At TTi we have used our industry expertise to develop versatile portable firefighters. With great practicality and ease-of-use, these are a great option to ensure you’re prepared to combat a fire. Our tractor-mount and carry options are ideal for quick and easy response.
See our range below of portable firefighters for great value for money and call us today to find out more.
TTi – Australia’s leading portable fire fighter supplier.

Fire Fighting Units

Fire Fighting Slip-on Units

TTi's range of fire fighting slip-on units – portable via your ute, trailer or truck!
With easy installation and great versatility, TTi’s skid mounted firefighting units are portable via vehicle to ensure you can provide rapid response wherever the fire may be. Water tank sizing ranges from 220L to 2400L ensuring we have an option to suit all.
With an extensive range we have the perfect slip on or skid mounted firefighting unit for your Ute, trailer or truck.
TTi – Australia’s leading slip-on firefighting unit manufacturers

Fire Fighting Units

Fire Fighting Trailer Units

Multi-Purpose Fire Fighting Trailers built by TTi

Firefighter trailers are essential for rapid response when combatting fire. At TTi we have used our experience and expertise to develop the ideal range of fire fighting trailer units to cover all needs. Trans Tank International’s range of tank and trailer sizes ensure there is the perfect one for you.
Browse our fire fighting trailer options below, with tank sizes from 600 to 3000L.

TTi – Australia’s Leading FireFighting Trailer Supplier

Fire Fighting Units

Fire Fighting Kits

Pumps, hoses and firefighting protection kits from Australia’s tried and tested suppliers
At TTi we stock numerous firefighting kits that are perfect for the protection of your unique property or land. A wide variety of pumps, hose lengths, and unit sizes mean that you can find the package or product that suits you best. All our options provide versatility and value for money so find the right one for you today.