Tree Watering

Every day contracts are being signed and awarded to Landscapers, Civil and other Contractors, to plant and maintain, thousands of trees around our Cities and neighbourhood’s. Many more trees would be planted in private lifestyle properties too.

As the need has grown, for better, clever and efficient ute and truck watering units, TTi have grown too, in our offering of both water trailers and tray mounted units.

It’s rewarding to be part of establishing, maintaining and keeping green, the many impressive landscape investments made, around the Country.

Take another step today,  towards getting better at what you do best!

Be ‘In it to Win it’. 


The TTi Advantage

Purpose Built

‘Just Add Water’ to TTi’s range of tree watering units

Water with Precision

Simple to use controls for efficient operation


Can be used for tree watering, firefighting, water cartage and more!

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