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Browse through our range of high quality, Australian Made diesel cartage tanks. From small to large, we will have a size of diesel tank to suit your needs.

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Benefits & Features

  • Unmatched Usability: Our diesel cartage tanks are designed for seamless integration with your utility vehicle, featuring a low-profile design for easy loading and unloading. Free-standing tanks offer exceptional stability and can be conveniently placed in various locations.
  • Capacity for Every Need: With a wide range of sizes available, from 50L to 10000L, you can choose the perfect tank to meet your specific fuel requirements.
  • Safety First: All our tanks incorporate industry-leading safety features, including bundled construction on some models for additional spill protection, lockable filler caps, and anti-static earthing straps.

Usage Tips

  • Placement: For cartage tanks, ensure secure mounting on your vehicle using the designated tie-down points. When positioning free-standing tanks, choose a level, well-ventilated area with a firm base.
  • Safety Tips: Always adhere to local regulations for transporting and storing diesel fuel. Never smoke or use open flames near the tank. Regularly inspect the tank for leaks or damage.
  • Maximising Efficiency: To maintain fuel quality, avoid storing diesel for extended periods. Utilise a funnel with a strainer during filling to prevent contaminants from entering the tank.

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