Weed Spray Equipment

Weed Spray Equipment

Single & Twin Reel Weed Sprayers

Increase Your Spraying Efficiency with the TTi's single or twin reel SuperReel™ field sprayers. The professionals' proven choice, the SuperReel™ weed spray unit with heavy-duty electric rewind reels can wind up to 150m of hose, so you can get to those difficult-to-reach locations. The anti-link nylon hose, genuine Honda engine and Bertolini pump ensure this sprayer will perform in any conditions. 

The TTi SuperReel™ is a unique, powerful 12v electric rewind reel designed to provide spray contractors, farmers, and councils with a whole new realm of spraying capabilities. Designed for heavy-duty spraying tasks, the twin reel weed spray unit allows two operators to spray simultaneously without interference.

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Weed Spray Equipment

Backpack & Handheld Weed Sprayers

Knapsack & Handheld Weed Sprayers

Protect your garden, crops and lawn against unwanted weeds. Built to withstand Australian conditions, the Inter range of knapsack and compression weed sprayers are effective and comfortable.

From 1L to 16L options, find the right backpack, rechargeable or handheld compression weed sprayers for your application below.

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Weed Spray Equipment

12 Volt Spot Weed Sprayers

TTi’s 12v Sprayer Range are quiet achievers, literally. Part of a broader range of weed spray equipment, our TTi 12v sprayers are built to withstand even the harshest Australian conditions. All of our 12 volt weed sprayers can be optioned with booms to suit a variety of spraying applications.

With handheld and knapsack options for small jobs and Ute and ATV Trailer sprayers for professional use, you’re sure to find the 12v weed sprayer for the job here with us at TTi.

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Weed Spray Equipment

UTV and Ute Sprayers

TTi manufactures a range of slip-on field sprayers purpose-built for mounting to utes, UTVs, trailers, and more. Starting from 150 litres through to 300 litres, the UTV spot sprayer range is specifically designed for the growing UTV market, maximising the available tub space without exceeding load limits. The UTV spot sprayer range includes standard and compact options, ensuring a solution for every UTV in the market—big or small.

TTi’s ute mounted field sprayers range from 200 to 1000 litres and come in different configurations to maximise the space available on your ute or trailer.

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Weed Spray Equipment

3PL Tractor Boom Sprayers

Hook up and go with TTi’s tractor boom sprays. From small acreage farms to large scale operations, TTi has the size and options to suit your needs and your tractor.

Our boom weed sprayer equipment uses high-quality components to ensure longevity and a great return on your investment—it’s another great product from the TTi family. The hot dip galvanised frame is backed by our 20-year tank warranty, giving you peace of mind that it will withstand harsh conditions. The heavy-duty tank with an integrated hand wash tank puts your safety first.

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Weed Spray Equipment

Boom Spray Trailers

TTi's range of trailed boom sprayers is guaranteed to get your weed spray task done on time, every time. A large selection of versatile booms makes spraying with your trailer easy. The ATV, UTV and Ute spray trailers provide a simple solution on the farm or in larger properties. 

Utilising trailed boom spraying combo outfits will ensure more spraying is achieved in less time with less effort. Enjoy the hitch-and-go convenience!

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