WeedMasta™ Rechargeable Sprayers

The high performing WeedMasta 12v knapsack or trolley sprayer combination is the choice of every passionate gardener, or for those spraying disinfectant. The WeedMasta is sure to turn your spraying task into an enjoyable and effortless experience.

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16 Litre (Backpack)


16 Litre (Backpack + Trolley)

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WeedMasta™ Rechargeable Sprayers

16 Litre (Backpack)
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**Suitable for disinfectant spraying and misting applications

16 litre WEEDMASTA backpack sprayer with 12 volt 2.4 L/min 70 psi pump, AHL006 spray lance

  • Ergonomic design for maximum user comfort, complete with padded shoulder straps and backrest
  • Spray flow rate control for spray accuracy and reduced chemical wastage
  • Over 2 hours continuous spraying time for rechargeable 12 volt battery
  • Kink resistant hose
  • Lance clip for tidy unit storage
  • Double filtration system to prevent blockages
  • Reliable and effective 2.4L/min 70psi pump
  • On-off switch control with fuse protection
  • Supplied with battery charging kit
  • Tank graduations for easy liquid level sight


Spray flow rate control
For spray accuracy and reduced chemical wastage
2 hours continuous spraying time
Rechargeable 12 volt battery
2.4L/min 70psi pump
Reliable and effective
Ergonomic design
Ensures maximum user comfort
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