Construction Water Truck for Civil Contractors

In civil construction, every project hinges on precise timing and resource optimisation. Our construction water trucks are engineered for durability, with the ability to withstand rugged terrain and harsh conditions. 

TTi water trucks are an investment in your project to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently while reducing operational costs.

Features and Benefits of TTi Container Water Trucks

TTi water trucks don’t just carry water; they take your project’s momentum. Our tanks range from compact 2,000L options to colossal 17,000L trucks, ensuring you have the right volume for every task. 

Our attached high-efficiency pumps minimise engine strain, maximising fuel mileage and reducing operating costs. Innovative spray control systems eliminate overspray, conserving precious water and further trimming expenses.

Products to suit Civil Contractors

The TTi Advantage

Australian Made

Based in Victoria, TTi offers an End to End manufacturing solution

Win More Contracts

Win more contracts with efficient and professional equipment

Built To Suit Your Application

TTi’s range of ‘Ready to Work’ units are built to suit your specific application

Customisations for your Civil Construction Water Tank

With our wide selection of construction water tanks, TTi can meet any civil construction needs. Choose from various configurations, including a portable diesel tank, high-volume site hydrators, and trucks with dust suppression sprays.

TTi is your partner in civil construction projects. With unmatched durability and customizability, you’ll never face a task our TTi truck can’t handle.

TTi offers a wide range of tanks for different industries, such as:

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TTi provides solutions that are safe and reliable. Whether navigating complex construction projects or requiring specialised dust control solutions, our dedicated team can provide delivery of our trucks on-time. Don’t hesitate to reach out at 1800 816 277.