Knapsack & Portable Fire Fighters

Portable Fire Fighting Knapsacks and tractor-mounted units by TTi. Everything from our tractor-mount to knapsack firefighters are designed to be ideal for fast and effective responses to the threat of fire – and you can find out more about each of our products by following the link below. TTi – Australia’s leading portable fire fighter supplier.

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Our knapsack and tractor-mount hand operated firefighters are ideal for quick and easy response. From 10L to 16L, TTi has the right knapsack fire fighter for you.

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Knapsack & Portable Fire Fighters

Equip Yourself with TTi Portable Firefighters

At TTi, we’re immensely proud of the quality of our designs, and the manufacturing processes we oversee. It’s only by pushing ourselves to produce the best that we’ve set ourselves apart as a provider of liquid transport solutions.

Whether you’re looking for equipment that will help you generate a rapid and effective response to spot fires like these portable firefighters, or you’re looking for larger water transport solutions – we’re the company to look to for the answer.

We’ve equipped everyone from farmers and agricultural businesses through to local councils with the liquid transport gear they need to get the job done. For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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