BackUp16™ Knapsack Fire Fighter

The ultimate knapsack firefighter with a high performing double action lance for smooth and consistent performance. The BackUp Fire Fighting knapsack delivers peace of mind knowing the job is done.

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16 Litres

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BackUp16™ Knapsack Fire Fighter

16 Litres
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  • Unique second lance storage position to keep your hands free
  • Carry handle for easy handling of tank when not in use
  • Double action chromed brass pump for ease of operation and durability
  • Adjustable nozzle for effective performance in varying conditions
  • Unique pump grip and handle reduces leakage and syphoning when not in use
  • Robust tank designed to withstand abuse
  • Filter in lid to keep debris out of tank
  • Ergonomic tank design for user comfort
  • Convenient hose and lance storage
  • Suction line through top of tank – less risk of leaks
  • Conforms to Australian Standards – AS1687



Weight: 3.5kg


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Double-action chromed brass lance

With fully adjustable brass nozzle

Filter in Lid
To keep debris out of tank
Ergonomic Tank Design
For user comfort
Convenient hose and lance storage
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