The Safest Tanks in Motion

At TTi, liquid transport tanks are in our DNA.

Investing in a TTi product is not only an insurance policy, it will ALSO enhance your image in the field!

Liquid Transport Tanks

From fully-drainable chemical sump tanks through to modular tank systems and free-standing portable water tanks.

Portable diesel transfer units. Diesel fuel transfer trailers, diesel refueling ute packs and complete range of accessories.

Liquid cartage equipment built to last in any industrial and civil works like dust suppression, yard/tree watering & more!

Spray equipment with the highest quality. With everything from hand-held to trailers – find your solution here!

Large selection of fire fighting kits, slip-on UTE packs, trailer units, portable fire fighting units and accessories.

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At TTi, liquid transport tanks are in our DNA.

With over 20 years’ experience in roto moulding, liquid transport tanks are the backbone of everything we do and are at the heart of every safe product we produce!

Our extensive range of high quality, fit-for-purpose liquid transport and application products, maintain, protect and create a safe method for getting liquids to where they are needed.

What our Customers Say

Carl, MCT Constructions - FirePatrol™ Dual

” I’m extremely impressed with the workmanship and quality that the boys have provided at TTi and all the staff. Have to say I’m really happy with the service they provided”

Daryl, Redbar Excavations - FloodRite™ Water Cart

” Since we bought the skid-mounted unit, we’ve been very impressed with it … the quality of the unit is fantastic. TTi was very accommodating in specifying it – making it to our specifications”

Ricky, Connor Earthmoving - DieselCaptain™

“We run a few of these diesel pods… we come across this TTi brand and that’s all we buy now. Compared to the competitors, these are a lot better unit – high flow rates and we don’t have any issues with these tanks at all”

Martin Zeeman - LinkOn Sprayer™

“I have found this unit to be an excellent addition to my farm….The main reason that I bought this unit was that I was impressed with it’s build quality – the way that it’s a very robust, strong and hardy unit. I highly recommend the TTi LinkOn to anyone!”