From fully drainable chemical sump tanks through to modular tank systems and free standing portable water tanks.

Transport Tanks

Spray equipment with the highest quality. With everything from hand-held to trailers – find your solution here!

Spray Equipment

Portable diesel transfer units. Diesel fuel transfer trailers, diesel refueling ute packs and complete range of accessories.

Diesel Equipment

Large selection of fire fighting kits, slip-on UTE packs, trailer units, portable fire fighting units and accessories.

Fire Equipment

Liquid cartage equipment built to last in any industrial and civil works like dust suppression, yard/tree watering & more!

Civil and Industrial

Equipment and units for agriculture including ATV Trailers for quick and easy transport around your land.

Ag Equipment

What Our Customers Are Saying

Niel and Gareth from Regal Innovations
AquaPath™ Water Cart

“Highly recommend TTi, I couldn’t recommend them anymore, they always have the after sales service, and will hand deliver the unit (with coffee)! You cant ask for any better service!”

Stephen from Bulla Thoroughbred Stud Farm
TopCrop™ with SuperReel™ Spot Spray Trailer

“TTi spray trailer hasn’t missed a beat and the hose reel has no problem. I highly recommend this trailer to farmers spraying weeds.”

Michael Hanly from ACE Contractors Group
AquaPath™ Water Cart

“I can highly recommend these to anyone else who is looking for a water cart in the civil game. Getting water to where you need it!”

TTi – Manufacturer of Australia’s Safest Tanks and Trailers

TTi guarantees the versatility and value for money expected from us, with a range of liquid transport solutions to suit your application.

We are committed to your safety! Our standard colour, Safety Green, has been deliberately chosen to make your product stand out in the workplace and on the road. Tried and tested liquid transport products, proven to withstand Australian conditions.

Based in the town of Nathalia, a 35-minute drive northwest of the regional city of Shepparton in Victoria, where we have been manufacturing rotationally moulded polyethylene tanks for nearly 20 years. Our products have been designed based on years of industry experience and customer feedback.