Civil Water Trucks

Our purpose-built civil water cart trucks are for sale Australia wide, and backed by our commitment to excellence in liquid transport. We produce water truck solutions fitted out with only the best quality component. The product of an end-to-end manufacturing process that ensures performance and reliability for years to come.

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Water Trucks for Sale Australia-Wide

At TTi, we have been manufacturing and supplying reliable water truck solutions for Civil Contractors, Landscapers, Councils and Hire Companies across the country, since 1999! Combining reliability with strength and technology, TTi’s water trucks are arguably the ‘best dressed’ outfit in the Industry!

What sets TTi apart is our end to end manufacturing solution. In-house production facilities provide complete control over the manufacturing process, giving you peace of mind that our water trucks will continue to perform under the harshest conditions

As an Australian manufacturer of Water Trucks, we assure you of our commitment to provide a truck that will outlast and exceed your expectations.

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