Water Carriers

Water is often referred to as liquid gold and how true that is.

TTi has observed over the years, the friendly characters we have set-up with ‘WATER DELIVERY UNITS’. 

These owners pay attention to detail, enjoy what they do and seem to deliver cheer with every load. A welcome sight…. too many repeat clients, I’m sure.

With TTi’s fully equipped food-grade and lightweight cartage tank units, you will be able to carry more and deliver more, thanks to an increased payload. Just another poly plus!!

Invest in the best and the best will invest in you!!…. a great flow-on effect for your business!


The TTi Advantage

Food Grade Certified

All TTi’s tanks are moulded using Food Grade Polyethene

Australias Largest Range of Sizes

Sizes range from 20L to 17,000L

20 Year Warranty

To emphasise the confidence we have in our tanks, we offer a 20 Year Full Warranty

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