FloodRite™ Slip-On Unit

Flood-Rite Water carts have been carefully engineered to offer a solution for Dust Suppression and water transfer, that works every time. Flood-Rite is the number one choice for most contractors, councils and hire companies across Australia, and boasts a huge range of user friendly functions to help make your life easier. The Flood-Rite range is manufactured entirely by TTi in Nathalia, VIC, and is distributed throughout Australia; because of this, we are able to offer a huge range of additional options specifically for your application. Take our word for it, you WILL be impressed.

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Product Details

FloodRite™ Slip-On Unit

5,000 Litres
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  • 5,000L Heavy duty polyethylene Water Cartage Tank. Food grade polyethylene, fully UV stabilised
  • 20 Year Tank Warranty
  • Engineer Tested Ball Baffle System for safety and stability, eliminates surge
  • Heavy duty skid mount frame with forklift pockets and lifting lugs
  • Choice of Honda Petrol or Yanmar Diesel electric start engines
  • 3″ 1000L/min or 1600L/min pump options
  • 3″ galvanised spray bar with 3 x 1 1/2″ Fan heads or 3 x Magnum Spray Heads
  • Pipework is hot dipped galvanised, inside and out
  • 3″ suction fill kit, to fill back through your pump quickly, 6 metre suction hose
  • 3″ Hydrant fill system with funnel fill
  • Wireless Remote Control means you can easily switch trucks, motor on/off, spray bar on/off. Control all functions from in the cab!
  • Heavy duty hose reel with 20m x 25mm hose and twist type nozzle
  • Rotating beacon
  • Sight level tube
  • Tare weight 1,140kg
  • Weight when full of water 11,550kg
  • Overall dimensions (L) 3600 x (W) 2000 x (H) 1850
  • Options include: Self loading swing up style legs; 3″ Dribble bar in cab controlled, Spring loading rewind hose reel, 3″ Pressure Bar



Weight: 1140kg
Length: 3600cm
Width: 2000cm
Height: 1850m




Wireless Remote Control

Easily switch trucks, turn motor on/off, turn spray bar on/off

Self Loading Leg System

For Tippers (OPTIONAL)

Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Skid Frame

With Forklift Pockets & Lifting Lugs

Heavy Duty Poly Tank with 20 Year Warranty

Food Grade Polyethylene, Fully UV Stabilised 

Heavy Duty 20m Hose Reel

With 1″ Hose and Twist-Type Nozzle

3 Fully Adjustable Rear Sprays

Centre, Left and Right

Suction Fill Capability

Fill the tank through your pump quickly, 6m suction hose supplied

3" Hydrant Fill System

With Funnel Fill Lid

Product Testimonials

Andrew, Thompson Brothers Earthmoving - FloodRite™ Loading Legs

“We chose the TTi FloodRite tank for it’s versatility to be able to slide in and out of the tip truck and as far as the quickness and ease of operation. It’s very easy to slide in and out of the tip truck safely and satisfactorily”

Chris, Bitu-Mill - FloodRite™

“It’s been a good unit, I’d highly recommend one of these units to anyone in the civil industry or road works… very good unit!

Daryl, Redbar Excavations - FloodRite™ Water Cart

” Since we bought the skid-mounted unit, we’ve been very impressed with it … the quality of the unit is fantastic. TTi was very accommodating in specifying it – making it to our specifications”

Frank, Burdett's Sand & Soil - FloodRite™

“I’ve seen other water carts have to go down the road twice to wet the whole road; whereas this [TTi] one, the spread, does it all in one hit.”

Gabriel, Repurpose It - FloodRite™

“It’s [13,000L FloodRite Water Cart] been great for watering our roads to reduce dust. We have never had any problems with the unit. Every time we go to use it, it’s ready to go”

Lucas, Citywide - FloodRite™ Water Cart

“A lot of thought has gone into how they have produced this product…. On this truck, we’ve had 4 new, different operators – basically trained each one of those up and after a week…they know exactly what they are doing.”

Mark, ULS Group - FloodRite Cascade

“To fill up a [tree] bowl with the old truck would have taken roughly 25 seconds, now, with this [TTi] truck, it takes under 10 seconds.”

Monty, Sims Metal Management - FloodRite Water Cart™

“Since we have introduced them [TTi FloodRite Water Carts] to our yard – it’s made our lives a lot easier. It’s efficient, it’s productive … and most importantly, we’re able to save water as well…. It [FloodRite] is a crucial element of our business”

Peter, JE & J Robinsons Earthmoving - FloodRite™ Water Cart

“We use these trucks with poly tanks now because the steel-bodied ones that we had for many years, corroded from the harsh water environment that they’re in – we find these [TTi FloodRites] handle the conditions quite well”