Inter™ Backpack & Compression Sprayers

The Worlds Most Advanced Handheld Sprayers for disinfection, weed spraying and pest control, The Inter sprayers are fast becoming the No.1 choice for councils, schools, businesses and homeowners. Backed with a 5 year factory guarantee, the Inter range is complimented with full range of accessories. Get your disinfection done in less time, with less effort!

FREE! Nozzle Kit Included for Inter™ Evolution sprayers

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Product Details

Inter™ Backpack & Compression Sprayers

1 Litre
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**Suitable for disinfecting and sanitation spraying applications

  • Minimum effort ergonomic handle
  • Large filter with viton seals in lance handle and rustproof
  • Pressure release slot safety system
  • Fibreglass lance
  • Adjustable conical nozzle
  • Viton closing valve in pressure chamber
  • Easy to use pressurisation/carrying handle
  • Polypropylene tank, lightweight and very strong



Weight: 0.5kg
No Tools Required for Service
Routine maintenance, cleaning or changing the main seal can be completed on the go
5 Year Warranty
Giving you peace of mind that Inter is genuinely a superior sprayer
3-stage filter system
Catches and prevents sediment from reaching the nozzle and affecting spraying performance
Unique pressure regulator
Spray width is kept perfectly even as a result of the unique pressure regulator

Product Testimonials

Paul, GV Window Tinting - Inter™

“Been operating for 18 years and so far these are the best things I’ve come to get. These Inter sprayers probably cost a little bit more than anything else but within 5 months they have paid for themselves!”

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