3PL Tractor Boom Sprayers

Hook up and go with TTi’s tractor boom sprays. From small acreage farms to large scale operations, TTi has the size and options to suit your needs and your tractor.

Our tractor boom sprayers use high-quality components ensures longevity and great return on your investment, in yet another product from the TTi family. The hot dip galvanized frame, and backed by our 20 year tank warranty, giving you the peace of mind it will withstand the harsh conditions. The heavy duty tank with integrated hand wash tank puts your safety first.

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TT’s range of 3PL 3 point linkage tractor boom sprayers are available in sizes 300 to 1000L. Choose from booms & hose reels to spray efficiently!

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“I have found this unit to be an excellent addition to my farm….The main reason that I bought this unit was that I was impressed with it’s build quality – the way that it’s a very robust, strong and hardy unit. I highly recommend the TTi LinkOn to anyone!”

Martin Zeeman – LinkOn Sprayer™

“This LinkOn™ is an excellent sprayer – it does everything I want it to do … I can get in and around all the places I need, very easily.”

Tony D’Aloia – LinkOn™ Sprayer

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