Single & Twin Reel Spray Units

Increase Your Spraying Efficiency with the TTi’s single or twin reel SuperReel™ field sprayers. The professionals proven choice, the SuperReel weed spray unit with heavy-duty electric rewind reels can wind up to 150m of hose, so you can get to those difficult-to-reach locations. The anti-link nylon hose, genuine Honda engine and Bertolini pump ensure this sprayer will perform in any conditions. 

The TTi SuperReel is a unique, powerful 12v electric rewind reel that has been designed to provide spray contractors, farmers, and councils with a whole new realm of spraying capabilities. Designed for heavy-duty spraying tasks, two operators can spray at the same time without interference from one another with the twin reel spray unit.

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Browse through TTi’s range of single or twin reel sprayers for sale. Ranging from 400L through to 1000L, TTi has a single or twin reel sprayer to suit your specific application.

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Cut your spraying time by 50% and reduce your operating costs!

Engineered and manufactured in Australia, the SuperReel reel boasts incredibly smooth, consistent unwinding and re-winding. A flexible whip antenna has a range of up to 400 meters, ensuring that the handheld remote control is never out of touch with the reel.

Large battery clips and an Anderson plug ensure easy connecting and disconnecting of the reel to a power source.  The unique transport mode technology, ensures the reel cannot unwind without power being connected, preventing the hose from unwinding while travelling.

The anti-kink nylon hose, coupled to a high-quality Turbo 400 Spray Gun, offers an even and adjustable spray pattern to suit almost any application. Join the SuperReel revolution and Call 1800 816 277 or drop into your nearest Local Active Dealer to find out more!

“When we go down the steep hills it works good because we have the remote that automatically winds the hose back in and helps you get up the hill. It’s been in some pretty rough terrain – all the rocks, steep hills and prickly blackberries yet the TTi unit hasn’t missed a beat.”

Stefan, Bulla Thoroughbreds – TopCrop SuperReel Trailer™

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