UTE & UTV Mounted Sprayers

TTi offers a range of slip-on field sprayers, purpose built for mounting to utes, UTV’s, trailers & more. TTi’s ute and UTV mounted spray units can be used for chemicals such as fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides. All our tray mounted sprayers are designed and manufactured in Australia.
Available with your choice of pumps, reels and booms, they are guaranteed to get the job done with ease and on time. Browse our range of UTE and UTV mounted field sprayers today.

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Browse through our range of high-quality, Australian made UTE & UTV Mounted Sprayers. Featuring heavy-duty components, our UTE & UTV Mounted Sprayers will out perform and outlast any other sprayers on the market.

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“The TTi SuperReel does stand up to the conditions here. We pull them down very steep gullies and right out to the 150m and they don’t struggle one bit. They pull back up the hill – they’re unreal!”

Chris, Spraying Contractor – TopCrop SuperReel™

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