Looking for a quality liquid storage tank with 20 Year Warranty? TTi’s Spring Deals are offering huge deals SumpTrans Tanks! Valid until October 31, 2017!
TTi’s SumpTrans Tanks are heavy-duty, fully-drainable tanks with a steel mounting frame. Designed and manufactured in Australia, these tanks are ideal for storage of chemical, ensuring product longevity and safety of your chemicals.

The Polyethylene tank construction is guaranteed to withstand impact, UV sunlight and cracks, which is why we offer a 20 Year Warranty! A 455mm⌀ Hinged lid, with almost any outlet positioning possible, make the TTi SumpTrans™ tanks the toughest, most versatile poly tanks on the Australian market . Complete with a SureFit Tank securing kit, and extra thick tank structure, the SumpTrans offer a load capacity an enormous 1.3 Specific Gravity. Sizes range from 100L to 13000L, which is ‘Australia’s Largest Range of Liquid Transport Tanks!’

Dont miss out on TTi’s Spring Deals 17′ which offer FREE mounting pins, FREE outlet fitting, and a 25% OFF steel frame when ordered with tank.


Water Cartage Units with 20-Year Tank Warranty


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