AquaMove™ Water Cartage Tank with 15-Year Warranty

The TTi’s AquaMove™ free-standing poly water cartage tanks are designed and moulded to perform under any conditions, earning their reputation as “The Safest Tanks in Motion”. These purpose moulded transportable tanks will always deliver that further value to your fleet.

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Product Details

AquaMove™ Water Cartage Tank with 15-Year Warranty

1,000 Litres
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  • 455mm diam. hinged lid
  • 1″ MBSP poly outlet
  • Easy fill, no spill containment lip around lid
  • UV stabilised to withstand the elements
  • Made from Polyethylene incorporating ‘Tuff-Flex Molecular Technology’
  • Positive pin mount system
  • Easy to read calibrated measurements
  • Heavy duty tank with load rating of 1:1.1 Specific Gravity (SG)
  • Australian made for Australian conditions
  • 15 Year tank warranty
  • 1430 (L) x 1220 (W) x 835 (H)



Weight: 65kg
Length: 1430cm
Width: 1220cm
Height: 835cm


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Australian Made & Owned

Manufactured in Australia

15 Year Tank Warranty

For peace of mind

UV Stabilised Poly

Polyethylene to withstand the elements

SureFit Pin Mount System

Tank securing kit available 

Easy to Read Calibrations

On the side wall of tank

Liquid Locker Baffles Available

To reduce surge & increase stability

Cooked to Temperature, not Time

To ensure longevity of your tank

Large 450mm Lid

For Easy access and cleaning

Product Testimonials

John Davies, JD's Water Cartage - AquaMove™

This is the third tank I have purchased from TTI… Had no dramas at all with the other two so that’s why I’m back here get the third tank from TTi, and maybe more in the future!