Troubleshooting Video Guides



DieselCaptain™ - Troubleshooting Guide


DieselCaptain™ - Setting Up Your Fuel Transfer Unit

Inter 7 and 9 | Compression Sprayer


Pressure Loss


Leaking Air Through Lid


Poor Performance Out of Nozzle


Plunger Handle Coming Out of Pressure Cylinder

Inter Evolution | Backpack Compression Sprayer


Leaking Liquid Through Pressure Chamber


Poor Performance Out Of Nozzle


Pump Lever Raising When Under Pressure


Rapid Pressure Loss


Difficult To Pump

WeedContol 55L and 95L | Spot Sprayer


Setting-Up your WeedControl Spot Sprayer


Pump is running but no liquid is pumping


Pressure Loss


Pump Is Not Running

Important Tips To Remember:

» Wash the tank daily after each use
» Dont leave chemicals in tank for long period of time
» Do not pressure clean the pump
» Do not store the tank filled with liquid
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