Troubleshooting Tips for the WeedControl 55L/95L Spot Sprayer!

MARCH 2018

Troubleshooting Tips for the WeedControl 55L/95L Spot Sprayer! 

Here are a few tips to assist you in resolving your problem…




How to set-up WeedControl Spot Sprayer




Pump is running but no liquid is pumping

» Tank is out of water
» Regulator is incorrectly set
» Blockage in the handle or nozzle




Pressure Loss
» Foot-valve is covered in slime or debris




Pump is not running

» Alligator clips are rusty or worn
» Fuse at the front of the pump is blown
» Switch is faulty
» Power-cord joiner is rusty


Important Tips To Remember: 

Wash the tank daily after each use
Do not leave chemicals in tank for long period of time
Do not pressure clean the pump
Do not store the tank filled with liquid


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