Ever considered the reasons why a Poly Tank is the ultimate choice over a Steel Tank? Here are just four of the many points why…


4 Reasons Why Poly is Better Than Steel


Poly Tanks are the Ultimate Choice Over a Steel Tank

No Rust – Polyethylene will never rust as it is impervious to almost any chemical.

Durability – Polyethylene can handle the conditions of harsh transport environments.
When you have a tank on the back of a truck there is chassis twisting, vibration, surge and much more. A poly tank will handle this for much longer than steel. Steel tanks are know to crack over time.

Weight – Polyethylene is lighter than steel. This means you can increase the payload of your vehicle… So, use more of your carrying capacity for what counts – liquid!

Ease of installation – Polyethylene tanks are typically a lot easier to install than steel tanks – Most TTi tanks come with loading legs to allow you to fix to your truck, trailer or UTE with ease.