About Wayne Horne Earthmoving

With over 30 years of industry experience, Wayne Horne Earthmoving – Excavation & Earthmoving Contractors – pride themselves on providing a quality, efficient and affordable service. Specialising in Industrial Estates, Shed/Slab preparation, Site Cuts, Carpark construction, Design & construct jobs and so much more!

The Challenge

Wayne Horne Earthmoving were looking for a skid mounted water cart that could easily be forklifted or slung onto the back of a flat bed truck, and TTi’s AquaPath has fit the bill perfectly. See why Joe says the TTi AquaPath meets all their requirements & allows them to run their business efficiently.

The Result

The dual spray heads, hose reel & dribble bar means water can be applied in almost any format that you need! “All the spray heads are controlled off an easy button remote control, it’s very easy to use – a great concept!”
Joe says ‘we can undo everything and have it off in 10 minutes if we need to use the truck for something else!’ This saves registration costs and the outlay of buying a dedicated water truck, if you are not needing to use the truck day in and day out.

The simple, easy to use design of the TTi AquaPath is just one of the reasons why it has become so popular with small scale earthmovers, to large civil construction companies.

Wayne Horne Earthmoving also use a TTi DieselCadet Refueling tank to refuel all the machinery on site. The unit has pumped over 300,000 litres of diesel since it was purchased 3 years ago , and has not skipped a beat!

Check out the full testimonial from Joe: