About Bulldog Earthmoving

Bulldog Earthmoving are a civil and earthmoving company based in Ballarat. Starting the company in his late teens, Peter Begbie explains why the TTi AquaPath is the “best thing he has ever bought”. Now that’s a strong statement coming from someone who has purchased high value earthmoving machinery for around 35 years!

The Challenge

Completing projects in and around Melbourne, Peter was in a dilemma – hiring a water truck was proving costly, however, purchasing a complete water truck seemed out of his budget, with additional labour required and the substantial additional costs of adding a truck to the fleet and further registration costs.

The Result

Given he has limited manpower, machinery and resources, Peter was on the hunt for a cost-effective water cart to utilise his existing tip truck, which is where the TTi AquaPath came in – the perfect fit for the build!

The Perfect Unit

Able to be slung onto his tip truck when needed, using an excavator – the AquaPath 6,000L completes all of Peter’s water cartage, dust suppression, and soil conditioning needs for his civil business. Peter’s favourite feature on the unit is the remote-control operation for starting the motor and activating the spray heads from within the comfort of the cab. He considers it to be the “best thing ever” – and he would know after 35 years experience!

Once again, the TTi AquaPath exceeds expectations, not only performing better than expected, but enhancing his company image to his clients, enabling him to win more and higher-quality contracts due to his professional company image.

Check out Peter’s story in the video below!