Our People, Our Environment, Our Responsibility

As a leading rotomoulding polyethylene manufacturer, we understand that our actions have far reaching consequences. 

At TTi, we believe that being a responsible corporate entity extends far beyond our business operations and the products we manufacture. As a pioneering industry leader in polyethylene rotomoulding, we understand the significance of aligning our success with a profound commitment to sustainability, community well-being, and humanitarian efforts.

Environmental Initiatives

Solar Powered Factory

Based in the sunny town of Nathalia in Northern Victoria, we decided to invest in solar infrastructure for our factory. On a sunny day, our factory is 100% solar powered!
This transition to renewable energy not only exemplifies our commitment to renewable resources but also serves as a potent catalyst for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change.

Recycling Seconds Tanks

We have high standards here at TTi, and just like anyone, we make mistakes every now and then. Being poly, our tanks can be easily recycled and repurposed. 

We work with our good friends at RPM Pipes, where our tanks get ground-down and turned into pipes which are used for town storm water.


Recyclable Product Packaging

We have transitioned to raw cardboard packaging boxes for our manufactured parts and accessories. Utilising recycled materials where possible, the packaging adopts less ink and glossy materials which is far better for the environment, being easier to recycle.

Raw cardboard packaging typically requires less energy and resources to produce compared to more complex packaging materials. Its lightweight nature can lower transportation costs and emissions, as it adds less weight to shipments. The recyclability of cardboard is a key advantage; it can be easily recycled multiple times without significant loss of quality, helping to divert waste from landfills and reducing the need for virgin materials. 


People & Community Initiatives

Supporting Local Manufacturing

The products we manufacture are high quality and built to last. We purchase from local suppliers that have the same standards as us, who are leaders in the products they manufacture.

Our products are fitted with parts from leading Australian manufacturers like Davey, TrailParts, Matrix Polymers, Arag just to name a few.

We also partner with local freight companies who send our products far and wide across Australia, to get to their new owners.

Supporting RRT (Rapid Relief Team)

We are proud supporters of Rapid Relief Team. RRT offers quality catering assistance and tangible support to charities, government and emergency services confronting some of humankind’s greatest challenges.

RRT have teams in Australia, the United Kingdom, North & South America, the Caribbean, Canada, New Zealand and throughout Europe.

Employing Locals

It’s often said that a company’s greatest strength is it’s people, and we couldn’t agree more! We are proud to be one of the largest employers in our regional area, employing just shy of 100 talented and driven individuals from our regional area.

So when you buy TTi, not only do you support Australian manufacturing, but you support our local employees and their families.