How to Control, Kill and Treat Bindii Weed



Treating and Controlling Bindii Weed (Soliva pterosperma) – Bindii is a low growing weed with carrot-top like leaves that produces a single flower at its centre, that when matured produces a prickly seed pod. One such major nuisance weed is…

Treating and Controlling Bindii Weed (Soliva pterosperma)

Spotting Bindii

Bindii is a low growing weed with carrot-top like leaves that produces a single flower at its centre, that when matured produces a prickly seed pod. One such major nuisance weed is the Bindi

Many nuisance weeds and prickles tend to invade our home turf during the winter. If you want the perfect lawn that you can walk on without the painful Bindii prickles, then you need to spray in the Winter to clean up for Spring. It is actually the seed that has the prickles, as the Bindii itself produces a seed capsule protected by spines. 

 To kill bindii in lawns…

The trick to stopping Bindies from spreading is to spray them in winter as soon as you see them, before the prickles develop, and continue to repeat spray every 3 weeks until they are all gone. Repeat spraying is important as this will control weeds that germinate after the prior spraying.

Effective herbicides contain bromoxynil plus MCPA, or Dicamba and MCPA.

Some of these herbicides include:

» Weed n Feed – Yates

» Bindii and Clover Killer – Yates or Searles

Herbicides such as these should effectively control Bindies, Dandelions, Clover and many other lawn weeds. It is suitable to spray on many types of lawns including Couch, QLD Blue Couch, Carpet, Kikuyu, Fescue & Saltene whether on newly sown lawn or established lawn.If you do this every 2-3 weeks, you’ll enjoy a beautiful lawn without the worry of weeds and prickles. 

You can use Bindii & Clover Killer on QLD Blue Couch lawns – according to weed chart.

If you have Bindiis in Buffalo (except ST varieties), Paspalum or rye grass lawns is a safe treatment to use.

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How to spray weeds more effectively!

Bindii can be sprayed from mid-June onwards. Immature plants are easier to kill, however, it is necessary to delay spraying until a full emergence has appeared. 

Do not delay for too long, though, as flowering begins in spring and once the seed spines have formed the lawn will be prickly and uncomfortable for the rest of the season. It is better to spray twice than to wait too long for full emergence. 

Be guided by the application times on the label of the product you purchase. Where the problem has been overlooked and some prickles have formed, it is still worthwhile spraying as the plants can be killed, preventing them from forming many more prickles.

 Note: It is the users responsibility to read chemical labels /  manuals to ensure accurate application and usage. 


Are you using the right sprayer?

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