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  • “The TTi DieselCaptain tank is a good tank – I’ve had it on the back of my ute for about 12 months now and haven’t had a drama. Love the fact that it’s really easy to maintain and use!” Dylan, Earthform | DieselCaptain™
  • “We purchased this fuel tank off TTi about 7 years ago and found it very, very successful. This DieselCaptain hasn’t ever let us down and we’re very, very happy with it’s performance!” Niel James | DieselCaptain™
  • “I was lucky enough to make a decision on purchasing a TTI 200l diesel tank because of its size, i say lucky because it has pumped over 20000l of fuel now and still going with not so much as even a blown fuse! i have since purchased another unit and will continue to use and recommend TTI products.” Craig Piergrosse | DieselCaptain™