Are poly tanks tough, or is it just a myth? Well, the truth is not every poly tank is tough, however we were privileged to hear a story from a customer recently which we would love to share with you.

“We purchased a TTi (formally Rapid Spray Southern) 10,000L tank approx. 8 years ago. Our truck with the tank on it drove over a bridge into a rural property to deliver water and the bridge collapsed, causing the truck to roll. The tank bore the brunt of the impact and we couldn’t believe it but, after we righted the truck, the next morning the tank just ‘popped’ back into shape and away we went again! We also have a 12,000L steel tank (properly made and correctly mounted) and the ongoing maintenance with fatigue and the like is a pain. We would highly recommend a TTi tank to anyone looking to cart water safely!

What are the advantages of owning a TTi water cartage tank?

» TTi have been manufacturing tanks for over 16 years and have a wealth of knowledge
» The equipment used is state of the art, with the very best rotational moulding technology
» Each mould is carefully engineered over many months to ensure that the finished product will produce the very best poly tank
» TTi tanks are moulded to ‘temperature’, not ‘time’. This simply means that they are cooked to perfection. Undercooked or overcooked tanks will be brittle and very likely to crack over time
» TTi tanks are made from food grade materials, so are suitable for carting potable water
» The AquaMove range offers a 15 year tank warranty, and our AquaTrans units include a 20 year tank warranty.


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