JULY 2018


In a world full of technology and social media, there is still one thing that cannot be replaced: personal communication with your customers.  No Facebook post, Tweet or message will ever replace a real human connection.  Here are a few tips to help you on your way.



Face to face selling means eye to eye contact and not eye to ground!


Be Clean, Dress Well, be on Time and be Organised With Your Selling Material

(Fliers, Note pads, Business cards etc)
Wear a smile of welcome and confidence! Be confident that you have a solution for your client, confident that you have a quality product and confident you can provide the back-up.
Listen, Listen, Listen!
This gives you the wisdom to ask intelligent questions! We have two ears and one mouth, for a reason! Understand the need/application of your client and match the appropriate TTi product.
Use Words/Language That Suggest Your Client has Already Agreed to Buy
Example: Where are you thinking of storing your new Linkage unit? Remember to flush the pump out. Is this now the second or third TTi product you will own?
Ask for the Order
There is nothing more professional and rewarding, for you and your client, than you asking for the order! Don’t miss this opening! You can’t wait to see your client owning, using and enjoying the benefits of the TTi product… they now believe they can’t be without it!
Show Gratitude
Show gratitude for their investment in you, your product and your company! TTi is alive with passion and is here to back-you up… all the way!